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Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room… Entry #10


(Disclaimer: This blog is in no way meant to offend anyone, it is just reality as I, Ira Mae Busybody perceives life, and my personal opinion.  Places, names and faces have been changed to protect the cantankerous, mean spirited, nosey, bitchy and innocent.)


Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room…    


Hello Bloggers and Followers,

I would like to shift off the social aspects of Crawfish Creek Manor so that I may “bitch” about the cliff that the Republicans are referring to our upcoming leap into the collapse of the United States of America; and how they plan to prevent it. 

SOURCE: WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans put forth a $2.2 trillion “fiscal cliff” counteroffer to President Barack Obama on Monday, calling for raising the eligibility age for Medicare, lowering cost-of-living hikes for Social Security benefits and bringing in $800 billion in higher tax revenue — but not raising rates for the wealthy.

From the older American’s viewpoint The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker was about $1,230 at the beginning of 2012 or an annual income of approximately $15,000. annually. This amount changes monthly based upon the total amount of all benefits paid and the total number of people receiving benefits.  From this income which we as older Americans have work and contributed too, it is not charity; approximately $1,200. Per year is taken out before the retired person receives it, leaving approximately $14,000. annually to live on, COLA increases are far and in-between.

The average pension for that same person is approximately $5,000. annually this allows an individual living alone approximately  $19,000 annually.  The average poverty level in the USA is approximately $12,000 annually (to receive any help so to speak).  Therefore, the average retired individual is bringing in $7,000 dollars above poverty level.  Many of you are saying, well see, their doing O.K.; when you figure in housing cost, utilities, telephone, supplemental health insurance, medicine, or other insurances such as rental, car, life, you have created a figure of almost $20,000 dollars.  Retired Americans are going into their savings to pay for medicine, food and clothing; television is the only entertainment, if they can afford cable, which is the only way to even get limited use.  THEY ARE EXISTING ONLY!

Yet, the Republicans are wanting to cut social security and benefits.  With this you will have these older Americans stop taking their medication, they will be turning heat or air low or off to save, and their food looks more like a depression soup line that a healthy meal.  My research of some senior facilities in this area, the elderly are only eating one meal a day.

These are the people that built this country…yet, they are looked upon as second class citizens, useless and living off the government.  No, they worked for that money and George Bush flushed it down the toilet creating a war that I did not need, nor did many want.  When I look at what we accomplished, it was getting our young people killed and/or mutilated in a 10 year war that no one won.  Now, I suspect with the “news” releases…it starting back up in another country… and there will be another war!

But, let’s looks at the salaries and benefits of those wanting to cut social security and its benefits.

The average income of these people whom we have elected and work for us is approximately $200,000 annually.  They receive free benefits for health, paid life insurance and their current annual salaries are usually their annual pensions upon retirement; extra benefits are house living allowances, mileage, travel, vacations, furniture, staff; so their salaries are “clear of needs”; in addition they receive a personal allowance, pocket money, all this could reach as high as $1,000.000. per year, per person…

Yet, the Republicans want to cut into that measly $19,000 a year social security with few benefits.

If we demanded these people who work for us take cuts, they would be fighting it all the way complaining that they could not live off less.

I do not want my children taxed to death; I do not want my grandchildren to inherit what the Republicans caused, putting us in debt with a war.  Yes…Bill Clinton got America out of debt…we were not in debt until the Bush era.  I believe that our President is pissing in a hundred mile an hour wind opening not to get hit in the face.  In other-words, he inherited and continues to be surrounded by an impossible situation.

And, for those of you who may feel anger at me at this moment, I vote for the candidate that will possible be the best for this country.  I do not claim to be Republican or Democrat…I am an American that is trying to survive!

In addition…the next time you see an elderly person in the grocery check-out line that has nothing but off-brand oatmeal, soups and crackers, just maybe…this is what they eat on all month until that next check comes in.  Ask yourself, are they hungry, are they taking their medicine every other day, or at all.  Remember, that road you drive on, they built, that car you drive, they invented many of the “gadgets” you love, the cell phone you carry with you daily, they were your teachers, and they may be your mothers and fathers!

Thanks for letting me use the Crawfish Creek soap-box with this entry.

Well, dear bloggers and followers, I must close the shutters on today’s. Writing… until tomorrow, remember a shot of “Jack” a day will keep the doctor away, and if you are a senior citizen just keep telling yourself… breathe damn’it.

 By the way, with the  proposed cuts…Jack’s gone too!

Ira Mae Busybody

Crawfish Creek Manor



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