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Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room… Entry #8



(Disclaimer: This blog is in no way meant to offend anyone, it is just reality as I, Ira Mae Busybody perceives life, and my personal opinion.  Places, names and faces have been changed to protect the cantankerous, mean spirited, nosey, bitchy and innocent.)


Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room…


Hello Bloggers and Followers,

Turkey Day over, I have been away from my computer, now I am back, out of food coma; and after being away from home for several days I am restless, ready for a few “normal” days before the next big one, Christmas.  Thank you for being tolerant of no entries during my few days off.  Nevertheless, she is back! 

Where did I leave all of you good folk?  Ah…Rosemary Wilson renting to anyone who is breathing, Mr. Roy and I enjoying a great 2011 Thanksgiving, Smelly Bob’s fantasy story and of my shocking implications that I may or may not be Gay to the gossipers’!  My final statement…”Old people you gotta love them.

I spent the holiday with my children, and believe me it is true, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  We are a blended family that is together during holidays with ex-spouses as well, so the children have all parents with them on these special days. In addition, we are very blessed with many extended (close friends) family members. 

Days of decorating houses, preparing and eating food that represented the many different cultures of everyone, wine and beer tasting, coffee, tea and the call of “who is in the bathroom(s), I gotta pee”!  Dogs chasing children and children chasing dogs, the cat hides from it all; my puppy chewed on the leg of my daughters’ dining room chair and with us sitting there.

With leftovers, children, pets in hand everyone left over the next few days and I remain behind, the last to leave, I needed to rest before I begin my long drive home. 

Another holiday on the pages of my journal, visions embed within my mind, I drove thinking about those I left behind, and those whom were not with us this year; their memory weighed upon us all touching our hearts through all of the happiness and cheer.

As I turned into the driveway of Crawfish Creek Manor, my thoughts went to Mr. Roy who passed on before the pumpkin season began this year.  My pup and I went into the apartment without seeing a soul, thank goodness.  I sat down at my table and poured two shots of “Jack”, one for me and one for Mr. Roy.  Life goes on, but for me with one less smile.


Mr. Roy 1933-2012

I could hear Mr. Roy…”No more sadness girlie, the old biddies will be out in full force tomorrow wanting to know where you been.”  He is right you know so for now, I will take the rest of the night to remember my old friend and tomorrow is another day.

Well, dear bloggers and followers, I must close the shutters on today’s. Writing… until tomorrow, remember a shot of “Jack” a day will keep the doctor away, and if you are a senior citizen just keep telling yourself… breathe damn’it.


Ira Mae Busybody

Crawfish Creek Manor



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