Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s waiting room…

The idea of this blog has been two-years in the making, not because I am old, but to gather the material, make a commitment to the blogs daily entry and try to perfect my imperfections.    

Crawfish Creek Manor is located is a small town, one street with a creek running though it, Crawfish Creek…there are no crawfish in the creek!  The town begins with the Manor, a home for senior citizens, the creek winds through it.  On either side of Main Street and two wood bridges are the Princess Theater (owned by Mayor Wilson), open every Saturday; Andy’s barbershop (the mayor’s son), the Crawfish Café (the mayors granddaughter Emma), Edna’s Beauty shop (Andy’s wife), Wilson’s Drug and Hardware store (guess who), Morry’s Service Station (the mayor’s grandson), and a sign “YOU ARE NOW LEAVEING CRAWFISH CREEK”.

By now you are wondering, shouldn’t the town be Wilson Creek?  Well, no, because Mr. Wilson’s great-granddaddy settled the town and he thought it was a fine name for a creek and town.  It is farm country there are no citizens accept the Wilson’s their homes are on the edge of Crawfish Creek.

Crawfish Creek Manor’s tenants come from a four county area; a palatial four-column porch that would lead you to believe it had been picked up out of the Deep South and placed there beside the creek.  There were twenty tenants male and female, a gathering room and a small office where Mr. Wilson’s daughter Rosemary pretended to be the administrator.

Me, well I moved from the city…an active elderly female of seventy-years-young.  It looks peaceful, away from the hustle-bustle of metro living, a place where seniors lived and enjoyed their waning years, or so it advertized.

However, that is the reason for this blog…     

Come join me daily and be a part of my life at Crawfish Creek Manor.


Ira Mae Busybody


Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to offend anyone, it is just reality as I, Ira Mae Busybody perceives life, and my personal opinion.


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