Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room…


(Disclaimer: This blog is in no way meant to offend anyone, it is just reality as I, Ira Mae Busybody perceives life, and my personal opinion.  Places, names and faces have been changed to protect the cantankerous, mean spirited, nosey, bitchy and innocent.)


Welcome to Crawfish Creek Manor, God’s Waiting Room…    


Hello Bloggers and Followers,

Yesterday I gave my opinion on the state of affairs with Social Security and that may not have been interesting to many, or you just did not like what I had to say, however, it was just my opinion! 

I did get feedback, and I believe the premise of cutting Social Security and benefits of retired individual by most are “So what”, “Who cares”, “My tax money is wasted on old people”, and my favorite…”Old people should not be given health care, they will die sooner”! 

Of course, I did not approve those comments for the blog, and that made a statement in itself as to what I felt about what some readers had to say.  Of those who were understanding, thank you. 

I do hope for everyone that the system is better when the younger generation retires and that the country is out of debt.  However, my biggest wish is that once out of debt the country will not have an idiot ruin it all by using Social Security monies to fund a “war”.

Well, dear bloggers and followers, I will close the shutters on writing… and for all of you youngsters, remember a shot of “Jack” a day will keep the doctor away, and if you are a senior citizen just keep telling yourself… breathe damn’it.


Ira Mae Busybody

Crawfish Creek Manor



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